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Red wings pale heads blue bon 28 easterns and wanted

Posted by lory (Numurkah near shepparton, VIC) on 14-Mar-18 11:10 PM AEST
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Two pairs red wings about three years $300 Pair great colour one pair sold 
Two adult cock red wings $125
Two pair proven pale heads $180 pair 
Pair yellow backed blue cheeks $180
Pair blue backed blue cheeks $180 cock free 
One cock pale head $80 
Red vented blue bonnets $140 pair 
Mulgas $70 pair 
Adult hen yellow rosella hen 
Red cock split black dilute $60sold
Adult normal split dilute $40x two 
Pair scaly lutino hen split cock proven $200 
Pair rainbows split cinnamon and blue front proven $200 
Two split lutino cock scaly $60 each 
Olive if cock split lutino $80
Normal if cock split lutino $70 
Mustard rainbow $80
Two young hooded $70 each
Adult cock 28 $125 

Ring steve on 0436021086
Birds wanted 
Adult blue breasted black caped hen 
Adult red dusky hen 
Adult blue 28 with white front 

Cinnamon dilute cock split red thanks don’t use above email

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