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Majors, lorikeets, GreyGreen king & more!

Majors, lorikeets, GreyGreen king & more!

Posted by austral aviaries (Austral , NSW) on 18-May-18 12:13 AM AEST
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hand reared cock $750

***Major Mitchell’s***
Mature breeding pair $750pr

***Sulphur Crested Cockatoos***
Mature breeding hen and 2014 bred cock $750pr (mother/son pair)

***Grey Green King parrot***
2017 bred cock POA

-Blue possible split lutino
2016 bred $130

-3/4 Lutino musk hen $250
-1 x 15/16 Lutino Musk pair $1000
-2 x 15/16 Lutino Musk hens $350ea
-4 x Misty Rainbows $200ea
-3 x normal scaly breasted $50ea
-8 x unsexed young & mature Rainbows in normal and greygreen- all either split or possible split for something like fallow, blue fronted, dilute, lutino, some have birds have the possibility of being triple splits for fallow, blue fronted & dilute! Selling them all as normals,try your luck,you never know what you might get!! $50ea -$350 the lot

Will consider part trade on Exotic lories and small macaws

Can freight at buyers cost.
Phone Joe on 0414853074

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