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Chamel­eon/Ni­nja Sh­rimp -­ Chang­e colo­ur nat­ive sh­rimp­

Chamel­eon/Ni­nja Sh­rimp -­ Chang­e colo­ur nat­ive sh­rimp­

Posted by Nats Fish (Coledale & Aus wide shipping , NSW) on 11-Jan-19 09:17 PM AEST
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I have the following for sale from

These are a native freshwater shrimp from WA & NT that change colour from red, blue, purple, chocolate brown, maroon, transparent, black & stripes. They are really cool

They are roughly the same size as cherry shrimp (1.5-2cm) & won't cross breed with cherry shrimp

Everyone will get a good mix of sizes & sexes

Can tolerate higher temps with plecos & mine are in tanks up to 30 degrees

Chameleon/Ninja freshwater shrimp that change colour 30 for $50 (minimum buy), 50 for $80, 100 for $150 or 200 for $250 Mixed sexes and sizes with lots of berried females guaranteed

Well fed exclusively on repashy super green, grub pie & other varieties that I also sell.

Pick up Coledale Beach just south of Sydney, north of Wollongong & east of Campbelltown

Express shipping will resume next month

Will send via Qantas for orders over $500 only

Cash, bank deposit & PayPal accepted

Please email or SMS ONLY 0410410204

I don't take calls as we are shift workers

Check out my new website

I update it most days with what's for sale and details

Coming soon to my waiting list I am growing up some L066, L080, L270, L333 black/white, L397 & maybe more

Please feel free to ask any questions. I only have what is advertised for sale sorry and do not sell adult fish. Photos of adults are too show you what they will look like when they grow up


Nat :)

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