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Lorikeet mutation, complete sell out,

Lorikeet mutation, complete sell out,

Posted by BFB_BIRDS (INVERELL AREA Nsw , NSW) on 11-Feb-19 07:54 PM AEST
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Lorikeets for sale!!!!
Below is all that's left from our collection of birds

DF mustard cock - Df dilute hen
Constantly laying 2 and most times 3 eggs,
All have been clear so far but guessing it's just due to cock being not quiet mature, hen sits tight full term, and I have put fertile lutino eggs under them and they have hatched and raised them,i did this so the hen would stop constantly laying to give the cock a little more time to mature,
Both in great feather, and cock is a cracker coloured bird, fostered lutino baby is due to leave the nest very soon,

Breeding pair of lutinos
Have given me quiet a few babies,both in great feather, cock well coloured, hen average colour,
$650........ On 2 fertile eggs now.

Gg sf/fallow - df/fallow breeding pair
This pair are just awesome,
they have given me a few df and sf fallows,
This pair will lay 2 eggs sometimes 3 all fertile everytime so far, they hatch all eggs and will raise until 2 weeks or so, I've had them raise until 18days with no issues,(was told by the person I got them off to take young at 2 or so weeks old) and I haven't tried them any older then 18days,if you take the young they will lay eggs again 14 days later like clock work, they are both in great feather and are nothing short of exceptional layers and parents,
On 3 fertile eggs again now, due to hatch from the 20th February onwards, so I'll do the same take them at 2 weeks or so, then they can be sold before they lay again, I was also told about there constant and continual laying by previous owner and sure as shit they have done the same for me, they get massive amounts of fruit & veg, passwell dry & wet mix,
If I was to keep any pair this would be the pair, and would love more pairs like it, but the time has come to take a long break away from birds and to look into another venture,
$1500 yes not cheap but a quality pair

Df fallow hen
This seasons young, good sized bird, Dna sexed with certificate, and beak and feather disease tested negative with certificate, 4-5 months old, Out of pair above, I actually have a video of this baby in the nest when it was a chick and show these parents in the video, taken to prove the parents are split fallow as chick had red eyes, and it was this exact chick.
$1400.    Unrelated to below cock.

Sf fallow possible split blue front cock.
well coloured bird, good size,
Dna sexed with certificate, beak and feather disease tested negative with certificate,
This seasons young 4-5 months old
Stainless Steel leg rung
$700 unrelated to above hen
He has dropped a few tail feathers (but growing back) while having a moult and has started to get red streaks in his head,

SF x 2 possible split fallow cock $100ea
GG sf possible split fallow hen  $100ea

All single birds available NOW!!!
All pairs available once off eggs or young, deposit required to hold pairs. Due to amount of tyre kickers...

All birds above are not pluckers etc..all birds in great health and feather. All are quality birds, Just sf fallow poss split bf growing his tail back after moult,

Freight available at buyer's expense and risk
Pick up also welcomed. Can deliver to the Inverell bird sale.

All birds fed dry & wet passwells
And are actually fed fruit & veg daily
These birds are well kept and in good condition,

No private numbers will be answered.

Please no time waisters, as I've had enough of them over the past couple of months to last a life time......



Videos & pictures of birds above can be seen via BFB Birds on Facebook

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