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Ocean Nutrition Foods

Ocean Nutrition Foods

Posted by Sydneycityaquarium (Sydney, NSW) on 24-Mar-19 11:02 AM AEST
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We have a whole heap ocean nutrition products available at the store, the list is as follows:

Community formula pellets 0.8mm 100g - $20
Community formula crumbles 0.5-0.8mm 75g - $20
Algae wafers 75g - $20
Premium goldfish pellets 70g - $15
Formula 2 Marine Pellets small pellets 100g - $20
Prime Reef Flakes 34g - $15
Formula Two Flakes 34g - $15
Brine Shrimp plus flakes 34g - $15
Formula One Marine Pellets small pellets 100g - $20
Community formula flakes 34g - $15
Formula One Flakes 34g - $15
Goldfish formula flakes 34g - $15
Community formula flakes 71g - $20
Shrimp wafers 15g - $15

Frozen range all $8:
Invertebrate food
Marine fish eggs
Artemia Brine Shrimp
Red Plankton
Turtle Food
Lobster eggs
Lance fish

All of these products are available at the sydney city store at level 2/ 541 Kent St, Sydney NSW 2000

If you have further questions please contact 0412 150 123.

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