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Lories, Lorikeets and Parrots

Posted by Inverell Birds (Cessnock Bird Sale, NSW) on 16-May-19 07:55 AM AEST
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The following birds are available for delivery to the Cessnock Bird Sale:

Blue Kakarikis - $1500ea

Split Blue Kakarikis - $750ea

Crimson Rosella hen (damaged Wing can’t fly. 2018 bred) - $50

Crimson Rosella hens (normals) 2017 & 2018 bred - $150ea

Cinnamon Par Blue Crimson Rosella hen - $2000

Cinnamon split blue Crimson Rosella hen - $1500

Cinnamon Crimson Rosella hen - $1200

Split Melanistic Cloncurry pairs - $2000pr

Northern /Eastern Hybrid Cock (Proven breeder) - $200ea

Northern /Eastern Hybrid hens 2yr old - $150ea

Northern /Eastern Hybrid hen 1 yr old - $100ea

Cloncurry hen 3yrs (Proven breeder) - $200ea - Sold

Lutino Green Nape Lorikeet hens (3rd generation) - $500ea

Ornate Lory Cock 18 months - $550

Poss split Lutino Green Nape Cock and Pure Green Nape hen (Proven pair on eggs now) - $300pr

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