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Different doves etc plus parrots can take to wagga 15 june

Posted by lory (Numurkah near shepparton, VIC) on 12-Jun-19 08:01 PM AEST
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Mates birds
Pigeon topknot $2000. Pair
Pigeon torres strait $600 pair
Brown cockoo doves $450 pair
Brown quail $40
Normal turk cocks 40
Blue wings $70 pair
Bar shoulder doves normal $40 each fawn $200each
Inland dotterel cock $200
My birds
Dilute red hen proven $130
Dilute red split black hen $150
Dilute split black $130
Cinnamon red split black cock $80
Pied pale head cock with normal hen $300
Blue backed blue cheeks $125
Pair red vented blue bonnet $140
Mulgas $80
Adelaide cock $100
Princess blue split lime lutino with lutino hen $220
Lime cock normal split lutino hen $220
Cocktails $25
Bourks split cream $25
Lime grass parrot cock cinnamon opaline hen $90
Pied cock $50
Lime cock cinnamon hen $90
Western cock $80
Adelaide cock $100
Pied rainbow cock dna $250
Olive split blue front $70
Red collard split cinnamon cock $150
Olive musk hen dna $150
Ring steve on 0436021086 thanks

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