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Very ­specta­cular,­ intel­ligent­ vibra­nt col­ors Ra­ised P­arrots­

 Very ­specta­cular,­ intel­ligent­ vibra­nt col­ors Ra­ised P­arrots­

Posted by Parrots-feeds (Woollo­omoolo­o­, NSW) on 13-Jul-19 01:19 AM AEST
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Baby's B&G macaws , Green Winged macaws and Tame African Grey parrots for sale

Single bird $2500

related and Unrelated pair REDUCE PRICE $4000

Delivery is optional as we will like to see where our birds are going to.

Weight 4.5 oz to 3.7 pounds

Length 11.8 to 39.5 inches

Clutch Size : 2 to 4

Incubation Time: 24-25 days

Fledging Age : 90-100 days

Hatch Weight : 14-20g (0.5-0.7 oz)

Peak Weight : 927-1064g (32.4-37.2 oz)

Weaning Weight : 1000g (35 oz)

Nest Box Size : Horizontal box, 16″ x 16″ x 48″ (40.6cm x 40.6cm x 122cm) or 35 gallon (9.2 L) pickle barrel

Lifespan : 30-70 year

Very spectacular, intelligent with vibrant colors

Have ability of mimic words and socializing makes them more attractive to human and build a strong bonding with the owner if looked after well.

They require much more attention from the owner as compare to the traditional pets such as cat and dog.

They are very active parrots so need to leave them outside the cage for several hours for playtime and stretch their muscles.

They require bath on daily basis depending on the weather conditions.

Strong toys must be provided for chewing to keep their jaw muscles healthy.

It is preferable to keep them in a highly interactive area in the house so they can intermingle with family members.

Live on various seed, nuts, and fruits. They are a big fan of palm fruits and also love to have seasonal vegetables.

Seeds and nuts are rich food so avoid to give them as they don’t fly far to hunt for their food.

Besides that, there is some pellet mix available for healthy consumption.

They may like to share some food from you, so feel free to give them your own food as long as it is healthy such as fruits and vegetables.

Contact with any question about Maintenance.

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