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Seed hoppers (bulk feeders)

Seed hoppers (bulk feeders)

Posted by mikemac (The Gap 4061, Brisbane suburb, QLD) on 12-Sep-19 09:08 PM AEST
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(Automatic bulk feeders)

5 in total.

Been in the back of the shed for ages, so could do with a good scrub.
I’ll give them a clean if time permits (Busy packing whole house).

The green plastic drinker is in the pics to show sizes. The drinker holds 400 ml.
So, the 2 smaller feeders probably hold approx 1kg of seed each
And the 3 larger ones would probably hold up to 2 kg of seed each.
2 of them are without lids – they are not really necessary, but you could replace them with wood if you wanted to.
Ideal for use in an aviary with many birds OR as safe supply if you need to go away for a couple of days.

These things are ridiculously expensive new (like $35 small, $60+ large).
The lot $95.

Pickup from The Gap 4061.
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