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Gorgeous Purebred & pedigree baby MiniLop rabbit

Gorgeous Purebred & pedigree baby MiniLop rabbit

Posted by Nel Bunnies (Warrnambool South West Vic, VIC) on 26-Oct-19 09:41 PM AEST
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This absolutely beautiful Boy, is now available for adoption! From an absolute gorgeous litter! ❤️ these type of bunnies are built to have the looks and personality’s of teddy bears. He will come fully papered with all pedigrees.

He is absolutely gorgeous! very cuddly & extremely friendly as most of our rabbits are. This beautiful boy has a personality of gold!! From very clean, indoor, closed friendly stud environments with lots of room! This gorgeous little guy was born on the 17th of September 2019. Witch makes him around 6 weeks. Will be ready for new beautiful loving homes in aprox 2 weeks time. When 8 weeks old.
Pet Homes preferred! Preferably indoor homes only!
His parents are...
Dam: Cinnamon Butterfly Pedigree & purebred Minilop.
Sire: Sooty Fawn purebred & Pedigree Minilop
(Last pic of dad)

He is a pure Black Self, purebred & Pedigree male Minilop.

Boys make the best pets, most usually really loyal & very friendly!

He will come with everything listed in our sales and guarantee policy. (Pasted at the bottom of this ad) or found at:
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His Adoption fee will be $150. This is stated to maintain our high standards in our stud. ($50 non-Refundable deposit to hold and officially reserve if required)

Please msg me if I have missed anything! Please before enquiry, except and read throughly through, our sales terms and conditions and agree by it.
I will need to know a bit about you, same goes with any of our beloved bunnies.
Very welcome, to ask any questions! If wanting more pictures or videos, I can send as many to you as you wish. Contact me Via Any social media platform, Gumtree or 0468433266

Lots of photos on..

Instagram: (@nelbunniesstud)

******* Policy! Pls read

Mini lops are a Very Tiny rabbit average of about 1.5kg fully grown adult size. They are built to have the looks and personality of a teddy bear.
Pls don’t hesitate to msg if interested.
Price ranges generally between $120ea & $200ea depending on lines, pedigree etc.

All our kits come:
.All Parasite treated
.Nails trimmed
.Health checked
. In Depth care sheet
.Birth certificate
.Safe foods list
. All transit food, hay & Bedding and info about what I use.
. (Some bunnies) come with a pedigree.
. Extremely friendly handled since birth.
.New time owner info & care
. 24/7 ongoing support
.24/7 health support
.And a bunny gift box! Including chewing twigs to keep bunnies teeth nice a short, some natural treats like “oats”, Little ideas, tips and tricks for your bunny & the right healthy bunny pellet & mixes information.

I am a registered breeder with ANRCI & a current showing member of RGRF. Who’s a very experienced, rabbit owner.

Our sales policy ....

* A bunny is officially reserved for you, with a non-refundable $50 (unless stated) deposit. ( unless the rabbit is below the age of 6 weeks)

* I recommend for Pet Rabbits to get desexed at a trusted Rabbit savvy Vet, to help maintain a lovely little Bunny and is usually performed around 6 months. This practise is only done of necessary to you at your own risks.

* Bunnies cannot leave our facility until they are at least 8 weeks of age. Ideally they will be 10 weeks. When Fully weaned.

*The deposit will ONLY be refunded if we cancel the sale for any reason (this will certainly not happen if the bunny has been promised to you) unless the bunny has undergone extreme health problems. If you simply change your mind about that particular Rabbit or fail to contact us, your deposit will not be refunded. Please be certain that your household is ready for a rabbit before you make a deposit.

* Please do not sell, giveaway, kill or harm the Rabbit if you no longer want it. If you have brought it as a pet home it should stay with you for it’s whole life span! If you no longer want the bunny or you simply can’t care for him/her please LET ME KNOW! (my lines are not to go to anywhere I dont know of) or to be used as guinea pigs!

Price: Our bunnies (babies) generally are priced between $120-$200 depending on quality, pedigree & colour. Our bunnies have been provided with superb care and daily interaction and everything listed above.
*** please understand that we are perpetually investing A LOT of time and money into compassionately caring for our small stud. therefore, we simply are not able to sell our bunnies for any less if we continue to maintain high standards.
* Pick-Up:
you can pick up your bunny at our location near Warrnambool, south west coast victoria. Bring a pet carrier or small box. We can also put a bunny on transportation including most easiest Geelong, Ballart, Melbourne, Mount Gambier, Portland, Hamilton, Horsham. Needed at your own expense.-for the safety of our bunnies, we operate a closed rabbitry. This is largely to protect our bunnies from RHD deadly rabbit virus's.
Guarentee: We guarentee that, to the best of our knowlege, it will be in very good health and temperament. Upon pickup, your bunny will be examined so that you can see a clear eyes/nose (no signs of illness), top teeth are over the bottom teeth (no signs of malocclusion), and how the gender was determined.
you are responsible for following our recommendations for feeding and care as well as seeking veterinary assistance if necessary. we will not sell a pet bunny that has shown signs of aggression, but keep in mind that bunnies can become hormonal around 5/6 months of age. Desexing can help with this and aid in calming his/her behavior.

*Care: PLEASE do a bit of research about mini lops (they can live up to 12 years!) and also how to care for a bunny generally. It is important to keep your bunny on the feed sample that we provide and gradually transition it to your feed. Keep your bunny in a stress-free, calm enviroment until seems well-ajusted. Thank you for taking acknowledge of our adoption policy! if you have any questions or may have something i have missed please certainly don't hesitate to contact me!! Yours Sincerely Breana ( Nel Bunnies Manager) :)

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