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5ft custom marine fish tank $4000 neg

5ft custom marine fish tank $4000 neg

Posted by j_denton82 (The Ponds, Sydney, NSW) on 11-Nov-19 02:51 PM AEST
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The tank was custom ordered and stand made specifically out of hardwood. It is 1350cm across the front (5ft) and 750cm high for a larger viewing area.

Main features:
- Designed to be as automated as possible. Auto water top up, auto supplement dosing, overflow and low water level protection.
- Custom made hardwood cabinet. Not veneered MDF as sold by aquarium shops.
- Custom made 500L tank with 10mm glass and built in overflow box at one end.

Includes Cost
- 2 Ecotech Vortech MP10 pumps $900
- Maxspect Gyre F150 pump. $459
- Deltec Protien Skimmer SC1455. $580
- Aqua illumination LED light system $1247
- DA Reefkeeper (moded 240v) $~600
- 2 PC4 power boards
- SL1 with Temp, ORP, float for top up
- NET module
- Top Aqua 40w UV steriliser $408
- Hailea Chiller HC-300A (800L) $494
- Clarisea Gen 2 Rollermat with auto. $529
roll and 1 extra filter roll
- Kamoer 3 Ch dosing pump $250
- Single channel dosing pump $80
- Two Eheim 110w heaters
- Two Eheim 5000 compact return pumps
- 100L sump with refugium

Plenty of extra equipment, including:
- Previous Reef Octopus skimmer
- refractometer
- Hanna Phosphate test kit
- Various other test kits
- Spare pumps
- Spare heaters
- Bucket of salt
- 200L drum for mixing salt water
- RO/DI water filter
- Tons of connectors, parts, hoses etc

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