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Vosmaeri Eclectus 1pr plus 4 Males $5000 all Fully Feathered

Vosmaeri Eclectus 1pr plus 4 Males $5000 all Fully Feathered

Posted by Amazonia Aviaries (Lavers Hill, VIC) on 3-Dec-19 04:50 PM AEST
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Mature Pair Vosmaeri Eclectus Parrots
Hen will raise young without plucking them or herself.
She bred all young males with a different partner. He sustained a beak injury so was repaired with another male. She has produced fertile eggs and 1 young with the new male. Male was entering box and I lost the last chick.

Hen is a great layer and looking at laying again. Good for the incubation and HR people.

Young Males. 1 HR and 2.5 yrs. Others parent reared from 2 yrs to 11 months. The are still very quiet and not flighty.

Breeding pair are related and so was the previous partner.

Great birds for pairing to unproductive birds. Original parents came from Tony Nelson in WA.
All fully feathered, very rare in Vossies today.
Most are plucked bad and seems to be hereditory.

Selling as a whole, $5000 for the 6 birds not interested in splitting. Works out at $834 ea or the Pair for $1666. Great value.

Call Dean on 0437 966228 for more pics. No 20 questions and only genuine interest please.

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