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Seeking a loving home for Sookie

Seeking a loving home for Sookie

Posted by jessc836 (Isabella Plains, ACT) on 21-Dec-19 11:11 PM AEST
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I’m looking for a caring family to adopt my beautiful dwarf lop rabbit.

Her name is Sookie and she is a chocolate otter dwarf lop. She is chock full of personality and loves pats, especially on her head.
When in her hutch she will thump loudly to let you know that you’re taking too long to deliver her breakfast kale 😁

Sookie is 8 years old but don’t let that fool you - just try and catch her when you let her roam outside of her hutch!
She is toilet trained and will only wee in her litter tray - provided you have supplied her with dry litter every couple of days.

80% of her diet is hay and she loves oaten hay. Kale is one of her favourite greens and she will pluck a carrot out of your hand before you can blink.

Sookie’s a beautiful girl and she comes with everything you need to care for her, plus more. She has both indoor and outdoor hutches available.

Please note: a dwarf lop is a medium sized rabbit and is bigger than a mini lop. An average dwarf lop weighs 2 - 3kg

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