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FS White lips, Taiwan reefs, Mamelela peacock, Juli, Sailfin

Posted by mullet (Engadine, NSW) on 14-Jan-20 10:03 PM AEST
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I'm clearing out a tank for a tang display/community tank

White lips. 3 breeding quality and 4 display quality. 1 male and 2 female breeding quality. The 4 display quality are runts, around 8-10 cm. All have good colour and shape, so great for display. No breeding activity in the females for a couple of years. $100 for the colony

Taiwan Reefs - 7 fish in the colony. 2 coloured males, 1 uncoloured and 4 females. Good breeders. $100 colony

Mamelea peacocks - 5 fish in the colony. 2 male and 3 female.
$100 the colony.

1 sailfin place about 25 cm - $50

Juli transcriptus pair - $20

0497 888 225

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