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Tangan­yikans­ ­

Tangan­yikans­ ­

Posted by Brez (Horsley 2530, NSW) on 15-Jan-20 02:56 PM AEST
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Lamprologus brevis Sunspot Adult breeding pair $60 , young 2.5-3cm $15ea 10/$120

Lamprologus occelatus “Blue” RARE Breeding pair $150 or fry 6/$180 limited numbers available

L.occelatus gold German bloodline , top quality bright gold coloured fry 3-4cm $25ea 10/$200

L.speciosis 5 left for $165

F1 moba fry from my WC colony imported by Lloyd Ashton $10/cm 2.5cm $25ea 3cm $30ea 4cm $40ea

Nigripinnis 3-6cm approximately 15 left $25ea

Orange leleupi display colony , breeding now 8 fish , 2-3 males rest female $100

Lepidiolamprologus attenuatus breeding now , looks like 2M 6F

Blackbee breeding colony 1M 4F , plus 2 spare males and 4 sub adults $200

Lamprologus Ornatipinnus 2 adults , possible pair

Lamprologus occelatus “Zambia” breeding pair $150

Young Helianthus trio $20

Photos used are of my actual brood stock NOT google images ;) pickup at Horsley 2530 , dropoffs at Heathcote Maccas or Picton rd / Hume motorway junction may be arranged . SMS ONLY ( no calls ) O422245972. Shipping available at your risk and cost .

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