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Eckys,Mutation king,lorikeets & galahs & more

Eckys,Mutation king,lorikeets & galahs & more

Posted by austral aviaries (Austral, NSW) on 26-Mar-20 09:06 PM AEST
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For sale
**King Parrot
-2019 bred GreyGreen hen

**Rainbow lorikeets
-Split Opaline cocks
-Opaline hens
-Lutino hen
-Pied hens

**Scaly Breasted Lorikeets
-Normal pair
-2020 bred unsexed Normal/Dilute

-Hen 1year old parent raised
-Mature breeding hen

-Split lutino cock

**Sulphur Crested Cockatoos
-Mature pair, hen has bred with a different mate

2019 unsexed

*Phone Joe on 0414853074
*No emails please as above email no longer used
*Can freight at buyers expense
*Will consider part trade/swaps on the following
-Fallow/Blue fronted Rainbow Lorikeet
-Fallow blue fronted Rainbow Lorikeet
-Cinnamon & Cinnamon Blue 28’s
-Split Yellow 28 cock
-Exotic Lories eg. Black capped, Red & Dusky
-Small Macaws
-mature Blue Front Amazon hen
-mature Lilac Crown Amazon cock

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