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Ziss & Repashy Products

Ziss & Repashy Products

Posted by Nats Fish (Australia Wide Shipping, NSW) on 16-May-20 04:02 PM AEST
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Ziss products & Repashy gel foods

With so many people asking I’ve decided to get more Ziss in stock. Ziss are by far the best quality products on the market

ZH2000 Brine Shrimp Hatchery 
ZAD15 New model adjustable sinking air stones $1 each
ZV4 Air control value $1 each
ZET80 Large egg tumbler $45
ZET65 Medium egg tumbler $45
ZETE55 Extra small egg tumbler $30
GL1A Guppy fry saver with clip $40
GL1B Guppy fry saver with suction cups $40
BL3A B Fry saver with mesh sides & bottom suction cups & clip $45
ZB300 Ziss Bubble bio moving media filter $35
ZM1 Moving biofilm filter media (1 litre) $15
ZM1 Moving biofilm filter media bulk (3.2 litre) $40
Brine shrimp feeders $5

Normal post & express are available.
I will get you a quote & can also combine repashy foods to save you money

Repashy gel food
Ask me what variety is best for your fish
Repashy still remains the most affordable high quality food on the market. As a concentrate it goes very far without relying on unhealthy fillers

*Grub Pie for your carnivores/omnivores/fish that you would usually feed carnivore pellets, bloodworms, flakes etc

*Morning Wood for your wood grazing fish. High in fibre. Best mixed with super green to provide a complete & nutritious diet that your fish can’t resist

*Super Green for all your algae/vegetable/vegan eating fish, also goldfish, cichlids etc. A great substitute for algae wafers & veggies
and more

All now $19 for 85g that makes up 340g when mixed & $50 for 340g that makes up 1.36kg when mixed
Australia Wide shipping starting at $8. Express post also available

These all have long expiry dates. Remember you can mix Repashy varieties and your fish will thank you

Cash, paypal, or bank deposit all available

Please email or SMS ONLY 0410410204

Check out my updated website if you're after fish too

Thank you! 🙂

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