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Bird Toys for Cages Large Bird Gym Parrot Play Stand Wooden

Bird Toys for Cages Large Bird Gym Parrot Play Stand Wooden

Posted by DanelleAustralia (Gold Coast, QLD) on 8-Feb-21 10:30 AM AEST
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BEST PLAY YOUR BIRD CAN HAVE: This bird playgym is the best of both worlds – in-cage or out- of -cage activity your pet bird can have. Made to match the bird’s natural environment, this Birds Playgrounds has a perch, a swing, a ladder and colourful entertaining pieces to ensure your birdie has lots of different exercise and activities to keep him happy, healthy and entertained.

100% NATURAL WOOD, NON-TOXIC, HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL: Tested by our own pet birds, big and small; this bird toy has proven to be stable and durable inside and outside of the cage. The surfaces are smooth not to hurt your friend’s feet and the toys are safe to chew and mingle on and won’t hurt their sensitive beaks.

EASY TO ASSEMBLE, CLEAN AND MAINTAIN: The Bird Toy Set comes pre-packed so all you need to do is just assemble it on top of the cage or inside the cage, depending on where you want the toy be, following the picture. Easy to clean – just wipe with dampened cloth or sponge and your bird playgym will stand strong and proud for a long time!

SUITABLE FOR MEDIUM – LARGE CAGES: Any style cage of Medium or Large and Extra Large Size would be suitable for this bird toy, and any bird from small canary, budgie or parakeet to a Macau, Large Parrot or Conure will love his/her new entertainment!

GREAT GIFT IDEA: Great gift or a present for any occasion for your pet bird, or anyone with a bird. Our bird friends deserve to jump with joy in their new toy gym and bird toy playground!

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