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Bird Parrot Transport Carry Cage Case Natural Perch

Bird Parrot Transport Carry Cage Case Natural Perch

Posted by BirdtalkAviariesBrisbane (Brisbane & Gold Coast, QLD) on 24-Mar-21 12:11 PM AEST
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Pick up near Tambourine.

Can freight Brisbane or Gold Coast Metropolitan areas for $12.50.

Contact us for quote to other areas.

Bird Parrot Carrier Transport Cage. Suitable for airline travel as they have metal bolts instead of plastic clips. Made from hygienic plastic for cleaning, have a natural perch, solid wire door with secure spring loaded closing mechanism, carry handle and a water or food bowl.

Suitable for Medium or small birds.
We transport Eclectus parrots interstate in these which are around the size of a Galah.

Perches are fitted with solid timber screws and are secure- don't twist.

In our experience birds feel safer in a smaller enclosed cage. Also for airline travel the price is based on the cubic weight. These have lots of small air vents allowing for good ventilation but still allowing the bird to feel safe and enclosed.

These are not suitable for larger birds such as Macaws or large Cockatoos etc.

1. Perch 2.5-5 cm diameter (approx) for medium sized birds- Galah, Eclectus, African Grey, Alexandrine, Rainbow Lorikeet, Hahns Macaw etc

2. Perch 2-3.5 cm diameter (approx) for medium sized birds- Conure, quaker, Sun Conure etc.

3. Perch 1-2.5 cm diameter (approx) for medium sized birds- Cockatiel, green cheek conure etc.

(perch sizes are estimates as natural branches vary in size)

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