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FS Lake Malawi Cichlids Breeding Projects

Posted by fatglenn (Lenah Valley, Hobart, TAS) on 5-Jun-21 07:40 PM AEST
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Hi all, I have the following for sale as I am downsizing and changing direction on a few things. I am selling the items as listed so please don't contact me asking to split groups up as I am passionate bout these groups amounting to something, All groups will contain a fair number of females and should represent good investmetns for a serious breeder. Prices are firm and shipping is available by Virgin Cargo airport to airport where COVID has not forced closures.

11 x Copadichromis geertsi Gome 5-8cm. $450 the lot Very rare and all the breeding to come
9 x Dimidochromis compressiceps 6cm $180 the lot Great quality
8 Chilotilapia euchilus 5-13cm $200 the lot Just waiting for a juvenile male to step up to the largest fish which are females, plenty of breeding in store
8 x Placidochromis sp. Mbamba Gold 4cm Juvies $120 the lot
8 x Lethrinops sp. Gold Harbour Monkey Bay 4-8cm $240 the lot
Fry Bundles
10 x Placidichromis milono (Super VC1) @ 4cm $100 (3 lots available)
12 x Eureka Red Peacock @ 4cm $120
12 x Maulana Bi-colour Peacock @4.5cm $110

For sincere enquirries please text 0429 266157 or email
Thanks for reading

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