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Large Clown Loach, Tiger Barbs, Mollies & MORE

Large Clown Loach, Tiger Barbs, Mollies & MORE

Posted by wpaquarium (Wetherill Park , NSW) on 14-Jul-21 03:44 PM AEST
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Large Clown Loach was $25 NOW 5 for $100
The clown loach is a peaceful fish and coexists well with nearly any tankmate. It is also an amusing species to watch and feed as it is very active during the day. Clown loaches will even eat any annoying snails that wind up in your aquarium.

Assorted Tiger Barbs was $6 Special $4ea
Revered for their stunning coloration, Tiger Barbs are one of the most popular freshwater species around. Tiger Barb care isn’t too difficult and can be handled by aquarists without much experience.

Assorted Swordtails was $6 HALF PRICE $3ea
The most defining feature of the swordtail fish is the male’s caudal fin. The lower lobe is elongated, creating a sword-like protrusion that can be just as long as the rest of the body.

Assorted Mollies was $6 HALF PRICE $3ea
With habitats throughout Central and North America, these hardy freshwater fish tolerate a range of water conditions. Their stolid nature appeals to aquarists of every level, and their peaceful temperament makes them ideal tank mates for colorful community aquariums.

Santa Swordtails was $6 Special $4ea
Because of its peaceful nature, the Swordtail is well suited for the community aquarium. However, the male Swordtail can demonstrate territorial aggression towards other male Swordtails so care should be taken when housing more than one male. Also, the Swordtail is an accomplished jumper, so be sure to provide a secure cover for the aquarium.

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