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Ziss A­quariu­m & Fi­sh Bre­eding ­Produc­tsucts­ucts­

Ziss A­quariu­m & Fi­sh Bre­eding ­Produc­tsucts­ucts­

Posted by Natsfish (Australia Wide Shipping, NSW) on 2-Oct-21 03:13 PM AEST
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You can buy direct from my website 

Delivery Australia wide via courier or air freight. GST is included in all prices. 

My website will automatically calculate the courier cost for you based on your location & order size.


ZV4 Air control valve - starting at $1.65
ZAD15 Air diffusers – starting at $1.65
ZH2000 Brine Shrimp Hatchery Artemia Blender – starting at $82.50
GL1A B Guppy fry saver with clip & suction cups – starting at $49.50
BL2A+B Fry saver with mesh sides, solid bottom with suction cups & clip - starting at $53.90
BL2TFA+B Breeder/Fry Box finer mesh – starting at $53.90
BL3A+B Breeder/Fry Box – starting at $53.90
ZT14 Betta/Guppy, Small Fish Separating, Photographing, Medicating Tank – starting at $29.70
ZB300 Bubble bio moving media filter - starting at $42.90
ZB200F Bubble Bio Filter – starting at $42.90
ZB200 Bubble bio moving media filter – starting at $38.50
ZBS200 Bubble bio filter short – starting at $38.50
ZBS150 Bubble bio filter short – starting at $38.50
ZET80 Egg Tumbler – starting at $53.90
ZET65 Egg Tumbler – starting at $49.50
ZET55 Egg Tumbler – starting at $38.50
ZM1 Moving biofilm filter media (1 litre) - $16.50
ZM1 Moving biofilm filter media bulk (5.2 litre) - $66
SF0 feeding cup/plant pot (no mesh, 0.13mm, 0.18mm) – starting at $17.60
SF1 Brine shrimp feeder (0.1mm, 0.13mm, 0.18mm or 0.2mm) – starting at $20.90

Pickup can be arranged Monday afternoons in Coledale near Wollongong. Pickups are cash only. Prices are firm. Stock sells fasts and changes rapidly. My website is always the most accurate of what is in stock 

You’ll usually get a faster response contacting me via the website

Thanks very much 

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