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Posted by Exotic parrot world (Sydney , NSW) on 25-Nov-21 04:02 PM AEST
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Nutribird is being brought into the country by Matt Baird , he is really good to deal with honest man
Every time I place my order without fail they arrive two days later once you put a order in there is no fooling around his on top of his work
I’ve been hand rearing birds from day one for about eight years now I started of with roudybush formula 3 it was a great formula , once they took it off the market I wasn’t happy with anything I used and I tried neocare tropican the Australian made roudybush paswell and more then I found zupreem it was a great product also was imported into the country by Matt Baird
That didn’t last long as zupreem took there formula off the self so back to trying lots of other formulas and let me tell you I wasn’t happy but I settled for tropican as I could always get it and I got it at a very low price but was never happy with it
Then I heard Matt was bringing in another good formula which I know of because friends of mine overseas swear by it so I bought my first tub , mate let me tell you when I say I’ve never ever had results like I’ve had with nutribird it is truly unbelievable it’s amazing
The quality of bird and weight gains were unbelievable I was shocked how good it was I had chicks in the brooder that you wouldn’t believe me if I told you it was hand raised from day one and for those that know me know I pull everything and raise all my chicks from day one
I have not looked back and as long as it’s available I’m as happy as Larry
If you have a look at my face book you will see the species I’ve breed in 2021 and have a look at the chicks honestly it’s the best formula I have ever used
I’ve raised all macaws Caiques amazons greys African species golden conures moustache and more all from day one and have had amazing results I had a harliquin macaw weigh in at 1450kg at eight weeks old and hit 1570kg at his peak I’ve never ever had them results with any other formula and everyone I know is also using it now and no one I know has had any issues with it at all

If anyone wants to discuss this matter give me a call on 0477094468

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