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Repashy Fish & Reptile Food - Australia wide shipping

Repashy Fish & Reptile Food - Australia wide shipping

Posted by Natsfish (Australia wide shipping, NSW) on 8-Jan-22 03:01 PM AEST
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Current stock list from

We have a wide range of live fish for sale including plecos, angelfish, cichlids, exotics, fighting fish and guppies.

DISCOUNTS apply for bulk buys of 5 or more.
GST included in price.


Repashy still remains the most affordable high quality food on the market. As a concentrate it goes very far without relying on unhealthy fillers

Feel free to ask me about which Repashy type will be best suited to your fish or reptiles


All now $25 for 85g (makes up 340g when mixed) & $60 for 340g (makes up 1.36kg when mixed)

Pickup can be arranged Monday afternoons in Coledale near Wollongong. Pickups are cash only. Prices are firm. Stock sells fasts and changes rapidly. My website is always the most accurate of what is in stock 

You’ll usually get a faster response contacting me via the website

Thanks very much 

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