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Bordoodles - DNA Clear

Bordoodles - DNA Clear

Posted by margaret702 (Lismore, NSW) on 14-Jan-22 07:45 AM AEST
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First cross Black Standard Bordoodles. These puppies are very good quality bordoodles.

Father (Ralf) is a standard purebred pedigree poodle with a beautiful temperament. He is 100% DNA clear and carries the fading gene which you can see in some of his older progeny. Feel free to ask for photos of his older progeny.

Mum (Merle) is a beautiful chocolate merle. She is bred from show lines and has a beautiful long coat that she passes on to her puppies. Merle is very intelegent and willing to please. She is low drive so she is not a typical working dog'' that needs large amounts of excircise, she is quite happy with a 20min stroll. She is 100% DNA clear and carries the long hair gene. This is very important when looking for a bordoodle as the quality of the coat depends greatly on the border collie carrying this gene.

These dogs have produced beautiful puppies in their previous littler that have gone on to be great family pets and assistants dogs.

Black puppies 2 girls and 1 boy $4500

Ph: 0418821816

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