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Something completely different

Something completely different

Posted by conures are us (Riverstone 2765 nsw, NSW) on 15-Jan-22 04:38 PM AEST
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Native kangaroo mice (aka spinifex hopping mice)


Native Palyoora (aka plains mouse)

Both very rare in captivity

Both eat bird seed and vegetable matter not rat and mouse pellets

Both self toilet train using a latrine site rather then all over the enclosure like domestic mice/rats/guinea pigs etc

Both do not smell like domestic overseas rodents with high ammonia levels they are arid animals and rarely drink

They are great to whatch they act alot like meerkats always working together eat together sleep together usually one stands up and acts as a look out

They are both naturally nocturnal but will come out when people are around etc alot like rabbits

Hopping mice are 99% identical as they mature apart from size In this they varie greatly and one can be double the size of another they have a long tail and develop into a beautiful golden brown they generally grow a little bigger than a mature domesticated mouse

Plains mice mature into about 3 different colours brown grey and a mix with a few shades and patterns most are grey with a white belly which you see when they stand up or climb they have short tails and large eyes they are Australia's largest mouse that can be legally kept they can grow to the size of a new born guinea pig

They both tame down to a degree some better then others I have had them as tame as domestic rats i have never been bitten by either but I do not recommend them as kids pets although they can be tamed and do come up to you for food and will often jump on your hand etc generally I think they are best as a look at pet rather then a hands on one like a fish, turtle, frog, gecko, snake, spider, canary etc as they are not domesticated and not all make good hands on pets

They are both highly social if you Intend to breed a group of 5 to 6 is a good sized group if you just want pets a minimum of 2 is required but 3 is best

They seldom breed around 3 times a year they normally raise 1 to 5 young and take a few goes to get it right when younger

Males females and young from other parents can all live together without any issues unlike domestic rodents

Best kept in a glass reptile tank or mice cage or glass tank with a secure fully mesh lid

You can set them up as domestic mice with a wheel coloured hides and toys etc or fully arid style rocks sand caves tree branches etc it's completely up to you they don't care as long as they have something to do and play with or chew and dig

They are $25ea for unsexed young

They are $50ea for sexed adults

They are available now pick up from Riverstone 2765 nsw or delivery available door to door at buyers expense from road freight services which is costly depending on location

no interstate buyers sorry

Please call or txt 0423746592 

Will potentially swap for lorys birds herps natives ferrets

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