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Display male African cichlids

Display male African cichlids

Posted by bb189 (Parramatta, NSW) on 11-May-22 07:11 PM AEST
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Plenty of rare DISPLAY MALE African Cichlid Haps as I am taking a break from the hobby. Absolutely stunning and quality fish, all 100% pure and never been colour fed.

Fish list:

Sciaenochromis fryeri (‘Electric blue’) - 12cm - $60

Nimbochromis Venustus - 22cm. $120?Nimbochromis Venustus - 20cm. $100

Nimbochromis Livingstonii - 22cm. $120

Nimbochromos Polystigma - 20cm. $110

Protomelas Similis - 15cm. $70

Fossochromis Rostratus - 20cm. $120

Fossochromis Rostratus - 18cm. $100

Copadichromis Borleyi (‘Red Fin Kadango’) - $60. Slight deformed mouth.

Aristochromis Christyi (‘Malawi Hawk’) (RARE) - 16cm. $140. SOLD

Placidichromos Phenocilis (‘Mirrorball’) - 14cm. Nearly fully chipped and the most beautiful fish in my tank. $180. SOLD

Placidichromis Phenocilis Mdoko (‘Mdoko White Lips’) - 14cm. $150. SOLD

Cyrtacora Moori (‘Blue Dolphin’) - 15cm. $60

Protomelas Hertae Linganjala (RARE) - 17cm. $120

Protomelas Taeniolatus (‘Red Empress’) - 17cm. $70

Buccuchromis Rhoadesii (RARE) - 15cm. $140. SOLD

Champsochromis spilorynchus (RARE) - 25cm. Absolute beast. $180

Cheilochromis Euchilus (RARE) - 15cm. $120

Chilotilapia Rhoadesii (RARE) - 15cm. $120

Mylochromis Epicoralias (VERY RARE) - 16cm. $120

Stigmatochromis Pleurospilis (VERY RARE) - 14cm. $120

Dimidiochromis Compressiceps (‘Malawi Eye Biter’) - 18cm. $120

Placidichromis Milomo (‘Super VC-10’) - 15cm. $100

Paired pictus catfish x 2 - 12cm. Both for $120

Sailfin pleco - 15cm. $100

Prices are fixed. You won’t find these fish at any fish stores at these sizes - these are fully grown DISPLAY MALE cichlids.

Due to COVID, pick up will be at front door. Pick up between 5.30pm and 7pm on weekdays or organise a time on weekends.

Strictly no holds. Pick up from Parramatta - please bring enough buckets / containers for transport.

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