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Lorikeets, Macaws, Amazons, Conure, Quakers & more

Posted by austral aviaries (Austral, NSW) on 21-Jun-22 08:34 AM AEST
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**Rainbow Lorikeets**
-Split Opaline cocks
-Opaline hens
-Opaline cock
-GreyGreen Opaline hen
-Opaline/Dilute/Blue Front hen
-Split Opaline/Dilute cock
-Split Lutino/Opaline cock
-Lutino opaline hen
-Mustard Opaline hen
-Blue Front cock
-Dilute Blue Front
-Lutino hen
-SF Pied GreyGreen/Blue Front cock

**Scaly Breasted Lorikeets**

**Green Naped Lorikeets**
-Breeding pair

-2022 bred Blues 2 cocks

**Crimson Bellied Conure**
-2022 bred cock

**Blue Fronted Amazons**
-3 x 2021 bred parent raised 2 hens & 1 cock
-1 x 2020 bred parent raised cock


**Yellow Collared Macaws**
-2021/22 bred unrelated pair

*Phone Joe on 0414853074
*No emails please as above email no longer used
*Can freight at buyers expense
*Can deliver to Newcastle/Hunter Valley area this coming Friday, or 27/28 June between Sydney & Benalla
*May consider swap/part trade on the following
-Janday Conure cock
-Dark green pallid quaker hen
-Ecky hens

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