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Ringnecks for sale

Ringnecks for sale

Posted by Corey91 (Narromine , NSW) on 23-Nov-23 03:25 PM AEST
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Mature birds

Deep Blue cleartail
Emerald blue cleartail
violet Cinnamon cleartail possibly split Opaline
Deep emerald blue
Dark Emerald cleartail split opaline
blue opaline cleartail
green split blue split cinnamon split opaline split cleartail ... (Rehomed)
Dark blue cleartail split opaline
Violet Turquoiseblue cleartail split opaline
Emerald blue opaline split cleartail

Emerald opaline cleartail
Violet green split blue opaline split cleartail
Deep blue split cleartail
Violet emerald blue cleartail
Mauve opaline split cleartail
Turquoiseblue cinnamon cleartail
Turquoise opaline split cleartail
Violet Turquoiseblue opaline split cleartail

2022 birds

Emerald blue opaline split cleartail
Violet blue opaline cleartail
Deep TurquoiseEmerald Cleartail

Grey indigoblue opaline split cleartail

Turquoiseblue opaline cleartail
Violet Turquoiseblue split cleartail. If cock split opaline
2 x Dark Turquoiseblue split cleartail. If cock split opaline
Turquoiseblue cinnamon cleartail. If cock possibly split opaline
2 x green cinnamon cleartail split blue or Turquoise. If cocks possibly split opaline... (rehomed )
Green split blue cleartail, if cock split cinnamon and possibly split opaline
3 x cleartail. Green split blue, violet blue, violet emeraldblue. If cocks split opaline

Located Narromine
PH 04 35 914 764

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