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Cockatoos, Eclectus, Amazons, Quakers, CB Conures, Aussie

Posted by Amazonia Aviaries (Colac, Barongarook West, Geelong Bird Sale, VIC) on 3-Apr-24 09:25 PM AEST
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Pr Majors 13 yo C, 3 yo H $1000pr Lic req
Hen Wheatbelt RT Black Cockatoo. Stunning coloured $1250 Lic Req
Hen Sulphur Crested Cockatoo 35yo does lay $100.
Package deal, (Pair Kings, hen has dodgy wing, Pr Superbs + 2 Mature Hens UR, Pr Crimson wings, 10 x Regents, some (4) missing part of legs) $1200 lot. All nice birds except for listed issues. Lic Req
Vosie x hen 1 yo $400
Grand Hen 11yo $600
Male Eckie 4yo Vos x $700 big bird
Yellow-naped Hen 3 yo $1500
Yellow-naped Cock 13 yo $500
Blue split Lutino Male and Green Split blue hen proven pair $400
Male CB Conure 5yo $150
Several Sol and RS Eckie hens breeding age and laying now $450 ea and several VOS x males 4 years plus $700 ea
Can bring to Geelong Bird Sale, Licenced birds deposit paid first before taking them. Divorce sale.
Lic 15138555A
Dean 0423533557

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