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Ready to go! Spoodle (Cockerpoo/Cockapoo) puppies

Ready to go! Spoodle (Cockerpoo/Cockapoo) puppies

Posted by KaraS (Pacific Pines, Gold Coast, QLD) on 27-Apr-24 05:54 PM AEST
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We have a litter of Spoodles (also known as Cockerpoos/Cockapoos) for sale!

Details about the litter include:
- There were 3 girls - one mostly tan puppy and two tan and white puppies with the Blenheim colouring sought after with Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. The first two photos are of the two remaining girls.
- There were 5 boys - all different shades of tan/brown, including some with different white markings/spots/darker patches developing. The last four photos are of the four remaining boys.
- The puppies are a variety of slightly different sizes, personalities, fur types and looks and can be selected accordingly.
- The puppies were born on 28 February 2024 and ready to go to new homes now!
- We are limited in how many photos we can upload but can send other photographs of puppies (eg. side profiles or parent dogs) on request.

Photos uploaded to the ad:

- Photo 1: Blenheim girl (shorter hair)

- Photo 2: Blenheim girl (longer hair, potentially curly)

- Photo 3: Tan boy with brownish ears (tiny - the smallest pup in the litter)

- Photo 4: Darker tan/brown boy

- Photo 5: Tan boy with brownish ears and white on face

- Photo 6: Tan boy with brownish ears

Health information regarding the puppies:
- All are wormed every two weeks.
- All had a full vet check at 8 weeks and were certified by vet to be in good health.
- All are microchipped and vaccinated.
- All puppies come with a vet record and change of ownership papers.
- Our vet has also provided a separate certificate verifying that each puppy was in good health at their vet check.

Environment and training:
- The puppies are primarily kept inside our family home.
- They are exposed to our household noise, handling, new baby, 3 year old and 6 year old children, loud noises such as washing machine and dryer, music, etc.
- The puppies also have a puppy run outside and so are exposed to the outdoors as well.
- All of the puppies are using a doggy door which leads to their outdoor run, and are all using it well.
- All of the puppies have been exposed to water/baths.
- All of the puppies spend time in a crate periodically.
- We have played various puppy socialisation tracks (containing all sorts of loud noises like fireworks, alarms, city noises, barking, etc.) to the puppies to expose them to as wide a variety of sounds as possible.

Price of puppies:
- All puppies have been priced at $1950 (lower price than the usual $2200 as they are ready to go to new homes now).
- We are open to considering all reasonable offers.

Details about the parents include:
- We can send photos of both parents dogs on request (we couldnt upload any more photos to the ad).
- Both dogs are our personal (and very loved!) pets who live with us.
- We allow our dogs to breed spontaneously as natural companions, we do not arrange any mating.
- They both have lovely temperaments and are very affectionate.
- This is the third litter for both dogs.
- The mother (Waffles) is a Spoodle - her father was a rare white Cocker Spaniel and mother was a standard cream Poodle. She is white/cream and grows beautiful curly hair if left unclipped.
- The father (Spunky) is a Cocker Spaniel cross Cavoodle. He is tan in colour with white markings - including white hair on his chest and very cute white socks with spots on his paws.

The puppies and both parents are all available for viewing (and playing/cuddles!). You are welcome to meet both of the parent dogs and see their temperaments for yourself as well.

We live in Pacific Pines on the Gold Coast, but very happy to work with buyers regarding interstate transfers.

Happy to answer any questions!

Breeder supply number: BIN0013901121178

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