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Quaker Mutation Aviary Sellout

Quaker Mutation Aviary Sellout

Posted by Barb and Darron (Blackbutt, QLD) on 14-May-24 05:58 PM AEST
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Quaker Mutation Aviary Sellout

Would prefer to sell as a bulk lot.

Pairs include:
Lutino with blue split Ino
Albino with Turq split Ino
Green pallid with blue split pallid
Dark Green Opaline pair (male possible split pallid)
Cobalt pallid hen with blue opaline
Albino (hiding cobalt) with blue Paladino
Blue pallid with blue Paladino
Turquoise opaline with blue split opaline possible pallid
Turquoise pallid with blue split pallid
Violet opaline hen with blue split opaline possible pallid
Cobalt opaline hen with blue opaline
Mauve hen with dark green
Creamino (hiding cobalt) with blue Paladino

Blue male (sadly the hen passed away this year)

22/23 Quakers
3x blue opaline
Turq split Ino
Green palladino
2 x Green split blue split Ino
Turquoise cobalt possible Ino

Blue opaline
Green opaline
Blue (from a blue pair for outcrossing)
Green split blue

23/24 Quakers
2x Turq split Pallid
1 x Turq pallid
3 x blue pallid
2 x cobalt opaline
1 x turquoise split opaline

1 x violet opaline
1 x cobalt opaline
3 x blue pallid

25k and you pay the freight if required. The violet opaline and creamino hens alone are worth over $10k. This makes each birds average price at just under $500each.

We will sell individual pairs in a few weeks depending on interest as a bulk deal.

Lots of options for future breeding for someone who does not want to wait the 2-3 years to have an established breeding program. Happy to assist with genetic guidance to achieve your goals.

If local you can take all nest boxes and will consider aviaries at reasonable prices. We can also assist with hand raising tips, questions and equipment at additional prices.

Only selling as we own a new cafe and want to focus our limited time on other species.

Check out facebook Barbs Birds to see there babies

For more information call Darron or Barb on 0423636480

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