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25 off sitewide until 11:59pm Sunday 16 June. Use coupon code DRP


Posted by Natsfishpartners (Australia wide shipping $7.99, NSW) on 14-Jun-24 09:17 PM AEST
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25 off sitewide until 11:59pm Sunday 16 June. Use coupon code DRP

Each week Ill select three of our products and give a brief run down as well as providing any recent news. This week we will look at the Ziss ZET-65 egg tumbler, Dr Bassleer Biofood Regular, DRP2 growth formula.

Ziss products are the highest of quality & engineered perfectly. The ZET-65 egg tumbler is the allrounder of our egg tumblers and will suit most egg sizes. You can adjust the pressure valve to mimic how eggs would be naturally fanned rather than bouncing around like lotto balls. After the egg sacs of your fry have dissolved, move them to a Ziss fry saver/breeder box

Dr Bassleer Regular is also the allrounder of this amazing bio food. All of your freshwater and marine fish will love this, especially Tetras, Barbs, sharks, loaches, Gourami, Catfish including Corydoras.

DRP2 Growth Formula is for growing fry to 3 months including goldfish
Same as DRP 1 but just slightly bigger at 0.9 1.8 mm in size. This food can also be crushed exactly the same way as DRP1. It has the exact same ingredients and is slightly bigger to allow feeding larger fry and juvenile fish up to adulthood. This food can be fed to all types of fish, Tropical and Marine species, especially if in a growth phase.

All can be purchased on our newly updated website that offers Afterpay, Pay in 4 etc.

Thank you

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