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This week: Ziss ZAD15 air diffusers, Dr Bassleer Garlic and DRP5

This week: Ziss ZAD15 air diffusers, Dr Bassleer Garlic and DRP5


Posted by Natsfishpartners (Australia wide shipping $7.99, NSW) on 6-Jul-24 12:12 PM AEST
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Each week Ill select three of our products and give a brief run down as well as providing any recent news. This week we will look at the Ziss ZAD15 air diffusers, Dr Bassleer Garlic and DRP5.

The Ziss ZAD-15 is a high quality, adjustable self-sinking and cleanable plastic air diffuser that produces strong bubbles to aerate your aquarium water. This product also comes with three spare felt pads. 25 x 15mm. Ziss are the best quality products on the market.

DR. BASSLEER BIOFISH FOOD GARLIC contains natural garlic. It is also a popular food for ornamental fish which have contracted disease and often suffer from loss of appetite. Suitable for all fish, especially Malawi/Tanganyika/South/Central-American Cichlids, Difficult eaters, Herbivores and treatment of Internal small parasites, Internal worm parasites, Skin or Gill flukes.

DRP 5 Aquatic Growth Formula Freshwater & Marine fish food For bottom feeders, all plecos, corydoras, goldfish etc. This is the largest pellet in the DRP food range at 4.1 mm in size. This food is also very well absorbed and plecos just love it so much that they leave other foods to take the DRP5 pellets. The high protein content in this food range does not lead to bloat as is the normal thought with foods containing high protein content. The reasoning behind this is that the fibre content in the food increase in ratio as the food moves through the fishes intestines therefore making it less likely to cause constipation or as we know it, bloat. This has been proven by feeding L 270s and L 134 plecos for more than 8 months exclusively on the DRP range of foods, not only the DRP 5 but the 1,2,3, and 4.

All can be purchased on our newly updated website that offers Afterpay, Pay in 4 etc.

Also, a reminder that we will be closed between 19 July and 7 August.

Thank you

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