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Blue-winged mountain-tanager

Why do some female birds also have showy plumage?

Male promiscuity makes female birds drab, a new study concludes.

Helmeted honeyeater training

Victoria's critically endangered helmeted honeyeater taught stranger danger


Arranged marriages between birds result in poor parenting, infidelity, fewer surviving offspring

Free mate choice yields 37% more offspring.

Quaker parrots

How quakers find their place in the pecking order

Gather these most social of parrots into a group and they quickly rank themselves according to a kind of feathered league ladder.

Tropical songbirds clutch size

Why do tropical songbirds lay smaller clutches of eggs than temperate species?

An ornithological mystery may have been solved.

Spoon-billed sandpiper

Extremely rare birds given a helping hand

This tiny creature has to grow up fast. When it is 30 days old...

Red-capped robin

Australian birds partial to almonds

Australian birds prefer almonds over other agricultural crops, according to recent research.

Goffins cockatoo

Cockatoos learn to make and use wooden tools

Video footage filmed under laboratory conditions shows just how intelligent cockatoos are.

Red-browed Amazon parrot

Brazil's Most Endangered Amazon Parrot

The RSCF has brought the endangered Red-browed Amazon parrot back from the brink of extinction.

Yellow Rosella

Yellow rosella not so mellow

Bob Philpot talks about his experiences breeding the yellow rosella Platycercus elegans flaveolus.

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